The 2018 NSPII Insurance Fraud Seminar will be offering 17 informative topics over the 2-day seminar. Click here for a copy of the  Brochure and Registration Page.

Michele Stuart will start off the seminar on Monday with her topic Using Open Source and Social Media in Insurance Investigations to Identify Fraud. We will have 8 great topics to offer attendees Monday Afternoon including Documenting Reports and Files for a Professional and Objective Investigation, Legal and Digital Forensic Best Practices for 21st Century Investigations, Time for Payback:  Using Affirmative Litigation to Defeat Organized Fraud and Con Artists, Property Insurance Fraud and the Funding of Ongoing Criminal Activities, Traumatic Brain Injuries, It's Not Just a Concussion Anymore, Floods of Fraud, Investigating and Prosecuting Arson Fatalities/Fraud:  A Richmond Hill Case Study, and Amazingly Important Claim Handling Questions (Legal Panel I).

Ross Suter will open Tuesday's seminar speaking on Jury Tips and Jury Psychology.  Other topics being offered on Tuesday will be Fire Cause, Fire Classifications and NFPA 921, Legal Panel II: An Interactive Discussion of Emerging Trends and Issues, Putting the Brakes on Fraud, Social Media Investigation Panel:  2018 Updates, Strategies, and Considerations from Varying Perspectives, Working with Experts - Perspective from an Expert and Attorney, Sharing Economy: Complicating Claims & Coverage, and Forensic Recover and Analysis of Data from Cell Phones & Clouds for Insurance Claims Investigations.

Registration rates will be the same as 2017:

  •    NSPII Insurer Member - $195/day
  •    NSPII Insurer Member (5 or more) - $150/day
  •    NSPII Member or Non-Member Insurer - $245/day
  •    Non-Member Insurer (5 or more) - $200/day
  •    Non-Insurer, Non-Member - $285/day
  •    Public Sector - $95/day


Monday Featured Speaker

Our Featured Speaker for Monday, October 8, 2018 will be Michele Stuart with JAG Investigations, Inc. out of Gilbert, Arizona.  She will be speaking from 8:00 to 11:45 a.m.

Michele Stuart is the owner and operator of JAG Investigations, Inc. since its creation in 1997. Previous to this, she was employed by Assets Intelligence starting a financial investigative career in 1990. Michele has over 25 years of experience in OSINT, counter intelligence, insurance fraud investigations, financial investigations, threat assessments, due diligence, organized retail crime, and corporate & competitive intelligence. Over the past 15 years, she has taught hundreds of classes in open source intelligence and social media investigations for the law enforcement and military intelligence communities as well as the financial industry and insurance industry on a global level. She has been an Instructor at Quantico (FBI Academy) for international training programs and an Adjunct Professor with University of Virginia.

Her topic will be Using Open Source and Social Media in Insurance Investigations to Identify Fraud. This class will provide step-by-step in-depth researching techniques utilizing online and open-source databases located on the web. It will cover techniques in locating “hidden” information on a subject’s web presence from public records, criminal records and social-networking profiles. Learn how to use open sources available for geo locating tweets and Instagram photos right after they have been posted as well as reading the metadata embedded in pictures. The class will further demonstrate how to utilize the internet as an effective investigative research tool (by manipulating search criteria) in locating and creating an entire profile on an individual in regards to determining information that may identify insurance fraud.

Tuesday Featured Speaker

Our Featured Speaker on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 will be Ross Suter with Magna Legal Services, LLC out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  He will be speaking from 8:15-10:00 a.m.

Mr. Suter is an Assistant Vice President of Litigation Solutions and the General Counsel of Magna Legal Services.  He is a resident of the firm’s Philadelphia and New York offices.  After practicing as a litigator in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for several years, he turned his attention to litigation consulting services where he has been involved in the development of graphics and trial presentation strategies in hundreds of cases. His work includes partnering with members of the trial team to develop themes and case strategies that persuade juries, judges and arbitration panels.  Mr. Suter has personally tried and consulted on cases in a wide variety of practice areas from intellectual property to commercial litigation to mass tort matters.  He has experience working with AMLAW 200 firms, as well as, small litigation and boutique law firms.  This experience has provided him with a unique insight into how jurors and judges process information.  Mr. Suter is a frequent lecturer of Continuing Legal Education seminars at law firms, law schools and legal associations on the use of litigation strategy, graphics, and trial presentation solutions to maximize results in adversarial proceedings.  He is a frequent contributor of articles involving litigation consulting issues.  Further, over the course of the last several years, he has developed an expertise in the use of social media and its impact on jury selection and monitoring.  Mr. Suter received his Juris Doctorate from Widener University School of Law, a Master of Science from Villanova University and a Bachelor of Arts from McDaniel College.  He is a member of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey State Bars.

Mr. Suter's topic will be Jury Tips and Jury Psychology. This presentation will address various aspects of jury psychology and juror persuasion. Included in this presentation will be issues involving jury psychology, including bias and decision making and jury selection/voir dire. The presentation will have a particular focus on these issues in fraud cases as well as tips for presenting a fraud case to a jury.