We are offering 16 topics at our 2019 NSPII Insurance Fraud Seminar.  For a complete list of topics and speakers, click her for a copy of the Brochure.  To make registration easier, please use our .pdf fillable Registration Form.  Seminar Registration deadline is September 22, 2019.

If you wish to pay by CC, please e-mail your Registration Form to Mary Beth Robinson at and request an Invoice.  You will then receive by e-mail an Invoice from Stripe which you can pay on-line.

Our Featured Speaker on Monday morning will be Jack Morgan.  Mr. Morgan served in the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam with an infantry unit, and received 2 Purple Hearts in combat.  He was a Sgt. on the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  Mr. Morgan worked for a large insurance company for 35 years in their Special Investigation Unit, and now has his own private investigation company.

He will be speaking on the Detection of Deception in Interviewing.  This topic will teach you 32 ways of identifying and understanding when a subject is lying to you.  The class uses videos and lecture to help you understand these 32 ways. The class will also help you learn how to develop a baseline on your subject along with advanced interviewing techniques.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Our Featured Speakers on Tuesday morning will be Zachary McCune and Richard "Shane" Otto.  They will be speaking on a Case Study in Framing and Fraud:  How Spoofing and Masking Technologies Were Used to Frame an Innocent Mother and Perpetuate an Arson Fraud.  Case study regarding a unique arson fire where an unprecedented level of spoofing and masking technologies were used by an insured to frame the mother of his child, such that she would be thrown in jail for 20+ years and he would escape town with a $500,000 insurance recovery and custody of a shared child.  The presentation touches upon new technologies available to fraudsters, including custom made wearable masks derived from facial recognition technology, the use of SpoofCard and spoofing-type programs to conceal communications and frame others for communications they never participated in, the use of fake Google and Facebook profiles to commit crimes and communicate undetected with co-conspirators - and how to identify and discover these materials in insurance fraud investigations.  The claim touches on structure, contents, and ALE fraud, and how a team of insurance professionals, attorneys, and experts (origin and cause, forensic accounting, forensic locksmith, cell phone tower data, cell phone and computer forensics) uncovered the fraud and their lessons learned for future investigations.

Zachary McCune is a Partner in Rolfes Henry's Cincinnati office.  His practice primarily involves counseling and representing insurance companies of all sizes in fire science litigation, complex fraud and coverage investigations, and bad faith litigation.  Mr. McCune's fire science experience includes fire and explosion causation investigations, prosecution and defense of Daubert expert witness challenges, catastrophic burn litigation, complex arson investigations, and he has taken hundreds of Examinations Under Oath during first-party fraud investigations.  He is one of a relatively small number of attorneys across the country to receive a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator designation from the National Association of Fire Investigators.

Richard "Shane" Otto obtained his BS in International Business in 2000 and has been in the insurance industry since.  He is a member of numerous anti-fraud organizations including NSPII, IASIU and IAAI and has earned his Fraud Claims Law Specialist designation.  He currently works as an SIU Investigator for Allstate Insurance specializing in the investigation and deterrence of fraud in auto and property claims.