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KY/TN Chapter Event Summary

Posted on: December 5, 2017
Tags: National, News, Kentucky

The Kentucky/Tennessee Chapter held its winter meeting/seminar on December 4, 2017 at the offices of the law firm of Frost Brown Todd LLC in Nashville, TN.

After lunch was served, they had two excellent presentations.  First, Greg Trosper of Fire and Explosion Consultants, LLC demonstrated the latest in camera technology and 3D images of fire and crime scenes.  Next, Larry Marley, Jr. of Rimkus Consulting Group gave his talk on "ECMs & Airbag Modules:  Thinking Outside the Black Box."  These presentations were excellent and provided substantial and helpful information for their members in their insurance fraud fighting efforts.  The KY/TN Chapters appreciate the great work of Mr. Trosper and FEC and Mr. Marley and RImkus, and they also thank all that attended.

The Board of the Kentucky/Tennessee Chapter looks forward to seeing their members at their 2018 meetings.  More information about those meetings shortly.

Finally, President Scott Brown wanted to say how much he has enjoyed being Chapter President this year, and he thanks everyone for their input and assistance!