Ohio Chapter Awards General Information

The two current Ohio Chapter Awards are the Investigator of the Year Award and Outstanding Service Award.

The Investigator of the Year Award goes to an individual who is responsible for the investigation or prosecution of insurance fraud who (1) demonstrates exceptional overall investigative skills; or (2) conducted an outstanding investigation on a specific case (arson, fraud, subrogation); or (3) presented an investigation to local, state, or federal authorities that resulted in criminal prosecution; or (4) exemplifies a true professional through his/her actions, demeanor, and expertise in our industry.

The Outstanding Service Award goes to an individual, company, firm or organization; NSPII member who (1) is actively involved in advancing NSPII-Ohio Chapter; or (2) supports membership, recruitment, and continuing education efforts; or (3) Committee Member, Board Member; or (4) assists with special events (golf outing, seminars, etc.)

If you would like to nominate someone for one of the (2) Ohio Chapter Awards described above, please click on the links for a copy of the award nomination forms for the Investigator of the Year Award or the Outstanding Service of the Year Award.  The awards are presented at their annual Joint Insurance Fraud Seminar. Please send completed form(s) to Mary Beth Robinson at

Deadline is January 30, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Mary Beth Robinson at or 888.677.4498.